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Jaffe names Twisted Metal release date

February in Europe, Valentine's Day US.

Twisted Metal's outspoken director David Jaffe has announced the PlayStation 3 vehicular combat game will launch on Valentine's Day in the US.

The EU PlayStation blog has tweeted this also means a February release in Europe, although the exact day is to be confirmed.

"It's a very romantic game," Jaffe said, explaining the choice of date. "I predict people will come home from their romantic dinners, and play the crap out of local split-screen."

Jaffe went on to thank fans for their "understanding" over Twisted Metal's recent delay. It was originally slated for October.

"We so hated we had to do it but we're grateful for your understanding," Jaffe concluded.

Watch Jaffe announce the release date in video-form below, along with a teaser of new game footage.