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Jaffe explains Twisted Metal decisions

"To us the vehicles are the characters."

Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe has explained the decision not to include unique driver and gunner models in the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive vehicle smash-em-up.

"We originally wanted drivers and gunners to make the car combat feel more realistic. It became clear very early that since Team MP is key AND since we had so many other things to do, that building 32 characters was probably not the best way to spend resources," Jaffe said via his Twitter account.

"To us, the vehicles ARE the characters, especially in multiplayer. Made more sense for us to focus on the game and levels and such versus modelling and animating 16 different in game characters plus gunners (32 total), most of which would look like normal peeps from behind camera."

Twisted Metal, unveiled at the end of Sony's E3 2010 press conference last month, will include 16-player online battles and split-screen for two-to-four people.

"Local multiplayer will be a very strong aspect of the new Twisted Metal," Jaffe said. "We would never abandon it. It's a KEY aspect of any Twisted Metal game."

Jaffe also confirmed that Twisted Metal will be a driving only affair: "No, you can not get out of the vehicles in TM," he said. "Cycles, copters, cars, trucks and more BUT no on foot."

While single-player details are still under wraps, the ever-enthusiastic Jaffe promised his fans that he's doing his best to make Twisted Metal great.

"We may disappoint you. But I hope not! But no one sets out to make a shit game and everyone wants to make a classic. Who knows where we will end up - but we're going to all bust ass to entertain the fuck outta ya'lls!"

Twisted Metal's due out next year. Check out Oli's hands-on preview of the game after you've had a gander at the teaser video below.