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Insomniac's giving Spider-Man a Tom-Holland-esque makeover in its new PS5 remaster

And there's shiny 60fps gameplay footage too.

Despite some controversy following its unveiling, excitement is still high for Insomniac's PlayStation 5 Spider-Man remaster - and the developer has now given a more thorough look at the enhancements coming to Sony's new console - including a rather Tom-Holland-esque makeover for its web-slinging lead - in November.

Peter Parker's youthful new looks, which you can see in the remastered cut-scene below, come as part of a "huge upgrade" for characters in the remaster. Insomniac claims it has cast Ben Jordan to be the new face model for Peter Parker on PS5 in order to "better match" actor Yuri Lowenthal's facial capture (and not, you know, to bring it more in line with Marvel's massively bankable movies), but other characters have received visual upgrades too.

Insomniac says to expect "higher fidelity skin, eye, and teeth shaders" as well as "individually-rendered strands of hair", all of which it hopes will bring "new life" to familiar characters.

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Of course, the graphical enhancements go way beyond characters, and the delightfully vertiginous playground of Manhattan has also received notable upgrades as part of Insomniac's remaster. The developer says it has done "painstaking work" on the city to take advantage of PS5, delivering improved models and materials, as well as ray-traced reflections and ambient shadows. "It looks stunning with our new skies and weather," Insomniac enthuses.

Additionally, the game now "targets a 60fps frame rate" when played in Performance Mode, and there's support for spatial 3D Audio, as well as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers via PlayStation 5's DualSense controller. Insomniac also promises "near-instant loading", but notes that players can turn on the original game's humorous fast-travel animations if they prefer.

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Elsewhere, Insomniac says it's carried a number of new photo mode features over from Spider-Man: Miles Morales, meaning lights can now be placed around the environment to illuminate a shot and Spider-Suits can be switched when everything's framed up too.

And on the subject of Spider-Suits, the developer has offered a glimpse of The Amazing Suit, one of three new suits being added to the remaster.

Those eager to take a swing around Insomniac's revamped Manhattan can do so by purchasing the £69.99/€79.99 Ultimate Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which includes the remaster, when it launches on 12th November. Sony previously confirmed it won't be offering free upgrades for owners of the original Spider-Man on PS4, but did say anyone purchasing the standard edition of Miles Morales can get the remaster for an additional $20 USD.

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