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Infinite Space heads west next spring

2010 release for Platinum's DS space RPG.

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SEGA will release Infinite Space - the science-fiction RPG for DS from Platinum Games - in North America and Europe in spring 2010.

The date appears at the end of a localised version of an animated trailer that has surfaced on YouTube. This is one of a series of short films originally used to promote the game in Japan.

The spring 2010 release window is also confirmed at Sega's UK website.

Infinite Space is a hard sci-fi RPG in which the player designs, customises and pilots a space ship and uses it to combat enemies and explore two galaxies. It presents its characters in 2D, but the ships and space scenes in 3D.

It's just been released in Japan, where its depth earned it praise from reviewers and it topped the charts in its first week.

It will be Platinum's third release over here, after Wii splatterhouse MadWorld (already out) and the baroque action game Bayonetta for 360 and PS3 (due late this year).

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