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22nd March 2010

Infinite Space

24th February 2010

Infinite Space anime trailer

13th January 2010

New Infinite Space trailer

Infinite Space

Infinite Space

Room for improvement.

You know, if you're going to choose any clearly-defined videogame stereotype to model your life on, you could do much worse than pick the lonely, down-at-heel yet sassy male teenager who heads up about 95 per cent of JRPGs.

Granted, you'll probably start your adventures orphaned, abandoned and with serious amnesia. But sooner or later you'll be engaged in a rattling narrative encompassing glittering cities, incredible treasures and dozens of combat-specialist bikini models with scant regard for the personal safety of their improbable lady features.

Infinite Space, being a fairly traditional JRPG yarn on DS wearing the fancy narrative costume of a space opera, fits this mould perfectly, and protagonist Yuri's story is compelling, enjoyable and well told. An excellent choice for the vicarious achievement of ambitions.

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Infinite Space heads west next spring

2010 release for Platinum's DS space RPG.

SEGA will release Infinite Space - the science-fiction RPG for DS from Platinum Games - in North America and Europe in spring 2010.

SEGA Goes Platinum

First looks at Bayonetta, Infinite Line and MadWorld from PlatinumGames.

The closure of Capcom's Clover Studio - the division responsible for the likes of Viewtiful Joe, Okami and God Hand - was met with plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth among gamers. That's understandable - studios creating high-profile original games aren't exactly ten a penny, after all. Still, just because Clover's doors were shut last March doesn't mean that the creative talent that fuelled the studio dissipated. Instead, the key players reformed as a development company called Seeds, Inc - which was subsequently renamed to PlatinumGames Inc.