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Hunting ninja conquers Bloodborne without ever healing or leveling up

Defeats every optional boss, too.

Depending on your playstyle and experience, Bloodborne may seem easier or harder than its "Souls" predecessors. But even those who found it easier than From Software's previous offerings would still agree that it's a challenging title. But Souls fans are a dedicated bunch, so it's in the community's nature to only make things harder for themselves. Some insist on tackling every boss solo, others resist the temptation to ever level up, and others limit their weapon selection.

But Twitch user Craddoc has created the ultimate Bloodborne challenge: Complete the game (and all of its optional bosses) without ever leveling up, healing, using guns or summoning help from other players.

It's the "no healing" rule that gets me. Without doing so, the only way to replenish your health is to warp to the peaceful hub, The Hunter's Dream, and warp back to your checkpoint. Respawning will likewise refill your HP.

Yet Craddoc has persevered! You can watch his exploits against each of Bloodborne's main baddies on his YouTube channel. Just to give you a taste of his both-hands-tied-behind-his-back brand of justice, check out him battling the early, but decidedly cruel, boss, Darkbeast Paarl.

Bloodborne's weakest class, Waste of Skin, begins at Blood Level four. There are no levels 1-3.Watch on YouTube

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