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How to get the AC: Revelations MP beta

Step one: have a PlayStation 3.

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Ubisoft is about to open its doors to Assassin's Creed: Revelations' multiplayer beta, allowing PlayStation 3 gamers a sneaky play of this November's new maps and modes.

Want in? Have a PlayStation 3? Then read on.

Ubisoft is only granting access to PlayStation Plus subscribers and gamers with a Uplay account linked to their PSN ID.

If you've ever booted up Uplay (a rewards system included in recent Ubisoft games), you're in. If not, Ubisoft's FAQ will get you set up.

PS Plus members will be able to download the beta from the PlayStation Store from tomorrow. Simple!

Uplay members will receive a beta key via email. This can then be redeemed to download the beta.

Not sure how to redeem your code? From the XMB, scroll to PlayStation Network, select Redeem Codes, then enter your 12 digit verification.

How long will the beta last? Not long - just over a week. The beta is live from tomorrow - 3rd September and closes on 11th September.

What do you get? The demo contains three maps: Knight's Hospital, Antioch and Galata, nine playable characters and four game modes.

Wanted Mode pits you against a target while others target you. Manhunt mode sees teams taking turns pursuing while the other tries to hide.

Deathmatch Mode is like Wanted but in a far smaller map and without help from the compass, while Artefact Assault adds in classic Capture the Flag gameplay.

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