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How to get Legendary Gear in Diablo 4

The more they shine the stronger they are.

Part of the process of improving your character in Diablo 4 entails getting Legendary Gear.

Having better gear is not only a way of preventing your character from dying in Diablo 4, but it’s also a way of changing how your class plays, especially when it comes to Legendary pieces of equipment.

To help you in the mission of finding more of this type of gear, we’ve prepared this guide covering how to get Legendary Gear in Diablo 4, explaining all the best methods to do so.

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How to get Legendary Gear in Diablo 4

As you progress through the game, higher tiers of gear become accessible to you. The Legendary Gear is not the highest tier of equipment in the game, but they considerably improve your character once you start dropping the first pieces. This is because, besides coming with more affixes than the Rare tier, the Legendary items also have Aspects, which might add effects to or change your abilities.

In Diablo 4, Legendary Gear have can add effects or modify your skills

Although there are many ways to find pieces of equipment in Diablo 4, some methods have higher chances of giving you Legendaries.

Below you’ll find a list of activities that you can get Legendary Gear from:

Complete dungeons and events

There are a good number of dungeons that you can explore in Diablo 4 and since you end up facing many enemies inside of them, you have a higher chance of finding Legendary Gear. Most of them have a final boss that can also drop Legendaries. In addition to that, some dungeons, after being completed, unlock aspects of your Codex of Power which is also quite helpful until you find good Legendary gear.

You can find Legendary Gear in dungeons

Another good option is to complete the events you find spread in Sanctuary. During the campaign or as you level up in the endgame, you can stumble upon an event happening that might give you a chest from which you may get a Legendary piece of equipment. These events are usually easy to complete, so it’s a good way to farm Legendaries.

World Boss

World bosses are extremely powerful enemies that spawn in Sanctuary from time to time. If you have enough level to challenge them, defeating a World Boss is a good method to get Legendary Gear.

Legendary Gear drops from World Bosses in Diablo 4

This method demands a little bit more than completing dungeons or events, but it’s not impeditive for new players that just got to the endgame. And you don’t have to worry about finding a group before the fight begins since receiving an invitation from other players that are also awaiting for the boss is a common thing to happen.

Helltide events

Helltide events are probably the best method to farm Legendaries. When a Helltide starts, a whole region of Sanctuary is filled with stronger enemies that drop Cinders, which you can use to open chests of specific item slots. There are chests for rings or weapons, for example, and Legendaries always come in these chests.

In Helltide events, you can open special chests to farm Legendary Gear.

On the other hand, Helltide events are maybe one of the most difficult methods for players that are just starting at the endgame. First of all, you need to unlock World Tier 3. Then, when participating in a Helltide event, you must avoid dying because you lose half of the cinders you have when you do. In addition to that you can’t keep the cinders to the next Helltide event. If you don’t spend them during the event you participate in, then they will disappear once you leave the area.

Whispers of the Dead

Whispers of the Dead is the second best way to get Legendary gear, although it takes some time. Once you have finished the campaign, you unlock the Whispers of the Dead system, which is tied to missions spread all over Sanctuary. Your goal is to complete these missions to earn Grim Favors.

Complete the Whispers of the Dead missions to claim a box with Legendary Gear as reward

After you get 10 Grim Favors, you can then visit the Tree of the Whispers in Hawezar and spend them to claim a box in which there are many items and, usually, legendary pieces of equipment. Although the boxes indicate in their name the kind of item it might have – Collection of Helms, for example, might have a Legendary Helm –, it’s not certain whether the box has a Legendary or not, and, if it does, might be for some other item slot.

Even so, spending Grim Favors to get boxes is a safe and easy way to farm Legendaries.

Have fun looking for Legendary Gear in Diablo 4!

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