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How Sony introduced Uncharted on NGP

Yoshida seen it.

So-hot-right-now action adventure series Uncharted was one of the first games revealed for Sony's new NGP (Next Generation Portable) handheld this morning.

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida took to the Tokyo stage at the PlayStation Meeting to lead a playable demonstration of the game (known as Uncharted for the time being).

"The first thing you'll notice is the large and beautiful screen," he said. And Oli Welsh, Eurogamer's eye witness at the event, did - calling it "spectacular" with "lovely dynamic lighting".

Yoshida continued: "Compared to a smartphone's 3.5" display, the NGP display's about twice the size."

"Perfect for users like me who like to lie down while playing games."

Yoshida showed how Nathan Drake will jump with either a press of the X button or a tap of the touch screen. You can tilt the console to swing Drake on a rope. Yoshida climbed a vine by stroking his fingers up and down alternately on the rear NGP touch-pad - a bit like climbing in real-life.

"Movements like that can deliver a very intuitive feeling," Yoshida promised.

You can also swipe the touch-screen to move Drake around when climbing, and push enemies off of cliffs. Ruthless. The analog stick can be used for these tasks, too.

Yoshida also demonstrated the "very sensitive" gyro sensor while taking aim with a rifle during his Uncharted playthrough.

"The device looks quite big," Oli Welsh decided, "but comfortably sized in his hands."

We'll update this story with screenshots and videos of Uncharted NGP as and when they're available.