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How many PSN accounts are there?

"Size matters," says Howard Stringer.

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How many PlayStation Network accounts are there? 60 million, according to Sony overlord Sir Howard Stringer.

"This is a significant base of connected products," he declared, speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (thanks Engadget). "As Godzilla once said," Stringer added, "size does matter."

Then again, that 60 million figure represents PSN accounts registered accross all networked Sony products (such as televisions), and not just on PS3 and PSP.

Sony's CES performance was a glitzy affair, hammering home a 3D vision of the future on all devices and culminating with a Cirque du Soleil tribute to Elvis (If only Microsoft had thought of that).

Sony even unveiled a futuristic visor that you wear and which can display 3D content such as PS3 games.

But there was one notable absentee: the heavily rumoured PlayStation Phone. The PSP2 was nowhere to be seen either.

Where were you, PlayStation Phone?

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