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Horizon Forbidden West patch tweaks vegetation to improve performance mode

Graphical issues including shimmering still being investigated.

Another patch has arrived for Horizon Forbidden West, bringing the PlayStation exclusive to version 1.07.

This update makes several "tweaks" to vegetation to improve image quality in the game's Favour Performance mode, and developer Guerrilla Games has now asked fans for their feedback.

However, the game's reported graphical issues - including shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation - are still under investigation.

Cover image for YouTube videoHorizon Forbidden West - Digital Foundry Tech Review - A PS5 Graphics Masterclass

Other additions in this patch include an "always off" option for weapons, ammo, tools and potions on your HUD, plus dozens and dozens of bug fixes. The full patch notes are available over on reddit.

This is the third patch in three weeks for Horizon Forbidden West. Guerrilla has already issued multiple updates to fix HDR issues and squash bugs since the blockbuster arrived back in February.

Digital Foundry enthused about Horizon Forbidden West's visuals in its appraisal of the game at launch, dubbing it a "graphics masterclass" on PlayStation 5. As for the game itself, Eurogamer contributor Malindy Hetfield was slightly less enthused, calling it "another beautiful technical achievement... held back by clunky characters and new features that lack purpose" in Eurogamer's Horizon Forbidden West review.