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Hori's new Switch controller is seriously hardcore

Daemon tweaks.

Hori's no stranger to out there controllers - witness, if you please, its ongoing line of Slime controllers that will soon be finding their way to Nintendo's Switch - but its latest creation is something else completely.

Due to launch alongside forthcoming mech-me-do Daemeon X Machina, the oversized Joy-Cons are designed to make portable play more palatable, with added grips and a suite of neat details. On the back there's a special button that can be assigned to autofire, the d-pad is a legit crosshair rather than the cluster of buttons on the standard Joy-Cons and to top it all off the 'X' button tastefully lifts part of the logo of Daemon X Machina.

The downside? There's no gyro sensors, IR, HD rumble or NFC. Oh, and as good as they look I doubt they'll be launched in the west. Still, it's worth heading to your importer of choice when they launch in September, and they'll set you back just shy of £35.

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