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Switch mech shooter Daemon X Machina adds competitive multiplayer mode

And reveals next few months of content updates.

Daemon X Machina, developer Marvelous' solidly entertaining mech shooter for Switch, is getting a raft of new content updates over the next few months - and the first of these, out today, introduces a brand-new competitive multiplayer mode.

Once players download the latest update (which should be available now), they'll gain access to the new PvP mode, which supports both one-on-one and two-versus-two skirmishes. There are also new leaderboards for bounties, if that's your sort of thing.

To accompany today's release, Nintendo has shared a new roadmap (or rather, an official translation of the Japanese version doing the rounds last month), outlining the next few free updates coming to the game. Early November, for instance, will introduce new Outer avatar content, themed around an as-yet-unannounced collaboration, while late November will usher in co-op missions, new bosses, weapons, and armour.


Rounding out the currently announced content schedule is December's update offering, which brings additional co-op missions "with new rules", more weapons and armour, plus the tease that "more features [are] being considered".

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Daemon X Machina, if you've yet to experience its clanking great robotic charms (but still clicked your way into this article all the same), released on Switch last month, receiving a Recommended review from Eurogamer's Martin Robinson.

Despite some rough edges, making for "an imperfect revival of a sub-genre that already had enough imperfections of its own", Martin reckoned that "Daemon X Machina knows what made those old games click, and dwells on the details that made Armored Core sing."

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