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Homeworld 3 is still alive

Here's a 28-second clip to prove it.

Remember Homeworld 3? The long-awaited next instalment in the much-loved sci-fi real-time strategy series was announced in August 2019, and since then... not much meaningful at all.

Kotaku spotted that developer Blackbird Interactive had piped up on Fig, the crowdfunding platform on which Homeworld 3 raised $1.5m (£1.08m), with a 28-second video that shows a brand new unit called the Railgun Frigate firing at and blowing up another ship. That's it!

Watch on YouTube

The accompanying post on Fig goes into detail on the creation of this unit (and even includes a response to say it will be changed based on feedback). There's also word the expected launch of Homeworld 3 is the fourth quarter of 2022. The announcement trailer is below:

Watch on YouTube

"We are still pushing for the finish line," Blackbird Interactive said. There's a long way to go before this one is out the door, that's for sure.

"Once we're closer to launch next year, you'll see the beautiful trailers, gameplay videos, and big details like platform availability you can expect," Blackbird Interactive continued.

"We are taking our time with those major marketing assets because it's critical to get them right and grow the Homeworld audience. The more of us there are, the brighter the future of Homeworld can be."

It's been a good long while since a new numbered Homeworld game appeared (although the series did get a prequel, Deserts of Kharak, in 2016), with Homeworld 2 having released all the way back in 2003. Homeworld 3 is published by Borderlands maker Gearbox.

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