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Homeworld 3 release window announced, new trailer unveiled

For real this time.

Homeworld 3 launches at some point during the fourth quarter of 2022.

At The Game Awards, developer Blackbird Interactive unveiled a new Homeworld 3 trailer, below:

The latest entry in the sci-fi real-time strategy series is due out on Steam and the Epic Game Store, published by Gearbox. It's set after the events of Relic's Homeworld 2, which came out in 2003.

Here's the official blurb:

"Homeworld 3's campaign is set in a galaxy that has enjoyed an age of abundance thanks to the Hyperspace Gate Network, with the cycles of peace and war having come and gone. The gates themselves are now catastrophically failing and Karan, who has passed into myth and religious idolatry, is the key to the mystery threatening the entire galaxy's future.

"The wholly unique strategic gameplay of the Homeworld series also returns at an even larger scale as players engage in epic battles fought across open space as well as the 3D terrain of hulking space derelicts called megaliths - the crumbling remains of an ancient civilisation where the player can funnel foes into a brilliant ambush or hide their fleet from powerful enemies.

"Developed for powerful modern hardware, Homeworld 3, will not just be a visual treat for fans, with all new ship designs and settings, but will also add key gameplay features that continue to deepen the series' enthralling strategy gameplay.

"Fully simulated ballistics make line of sight and cover critical strategic considerations. Your fleet persists from mission to mission. Scars on your ships linger. Strike craft pilots and capital ship captains pass along critical information through battlefield chatter.

"In addition to conquering the game's campaign, players can challenge each other to intense 1v1, free-for-all or team battles, or tag team in an all-new co-op mode with a roguelike twist. Homeworld 3 will be the deepest and most satisfying gameplay experience in the series yet."

Blackbird Interactive, which released Hardspace: Shipbreaker last year, has been working on Homeworld 3 for a couple of years now. The project raised $1.5m (£1.08m) on crowdfunding platform Fig in late 2019, but the investment portion of the Fig campaign was cancelled in June after Gearbox was acquired by Embracer Group.

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