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Hi-Fi Rush gets two new modes and more in July's Arcade Challenge update

And the beat goes on.

Tango Gameworks' sublime rhythm-action adventure Hi-Fi Rush is getting a great bit dollop of free new content on 5th July, including two new modes, new photo mode features, and more.

Everything included in Hi-Fi Rush's new Arcade Challenge update (as it's officially known) will only be available after beating the base game. Once that's done, a new arcade cabinet is added to the hideout, unlocking the new BPM Rush and Power up! Tower up! modes.

BPM Rush presents players with a series of encounters where the beat gets faster and faster as enemies are defeated, gradually rising all the way up to 200BPM. Tango notes that while this new addition is really designed for players in search of a tougher challenge, it'll actually feature an Easy and Casual difficulty setting too so everyone can give it a try.

Hi-Fi RUSH - Arcade Challenge Update trailer.Watch on YouTube

Additionally, players who really prove their mettle can unlock an EX mode where damage is multiplied and the beat stays at its maximum BPM the whole time.

As for Power up! Tower up!, it's a new randomised spin on the original game's Rhythm Tower mode. Here, Chai starts off fully downgraded, but can grow in strength by defeating enemies. At the end of each wave, players can choose from a randomised series of power-ups that'll gradually increase their stats, with each one also offering positive or negative modifiers to introduce more risk and reward.

Alongside all that, Arcade Challenge introduces five new songs, two brand-new enemies, new special attacks, and a new system for unlocking rewards - including a fresh set of accessories for Chai, 808, and Korsica. The update also brings "extra hidden secrets", plus new filters, poses, and even stickers for Hi-Fi Rush's photo mode.

Hi-Fi Rush's Arcade Challenge update launches for PC and Xbox on 5th July. It arrives alongside a paid costume pack featuring character outfits themed around different time periods.

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