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Here's what's coming in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1, Demon Veil

Expect a new map, new modes, and a brand-new Operator, too.

Ubisoft has revealed what's coming in Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 1, Demon Veil.

Although there's no release window detailed just yet, we do know we'll get a brand new map - the first in three years - as well as a new permanent Team Deathmatch mode and new Japanese Operator, Azami.

"In Demon Veil, uncover the secrets of Azami, an enigmatic new Defender - equipped with the Kiba Barrier gadget, her throwable canisters deploy an expandable material that solidifies into a bulletproof surface, providing fast cover," Ubisoft teases. "Azami's gadget allows her to quickly repair holes in walls and floors, creating for a more mobile and versatile defensive approach. Azami is a medium speed, medium health Operator, and her loadout features a 9X19SVN or an ACS12 as a primary weapon and a D-50 as a secondary weapon."

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As for that new map? Called Emerald Plains, it's set in Ireland, where the "modern country club challenges players to master a new environment and its multiple levels".

The brand new Team Deathmatch mode - "created to provide the perfect environment for players to warm up and practice their aim before competitive matches" - will also be available with Demon Veil, along with a new Elite skin for Nomad and balancing tweaks for Goyo and Valkyrie. And though a spectator mode has been available for PC players since 2020, one is finally coming to console, too.

There's also a brand-new incentive program to help the team identify bugs and issues, too. When players report issues to R6Fix - either on the live or test server - and have the status hit "Under Investigation", they can receive up to one reward per season, with the reward commensurate with the report that gets the highest severity rating.

Finally, there's Attacker Repick on its way.

"​​Attacker Repick arrives in Year 7 Season 1, allowing Attackers to change their Operator and loadout during the Preparation Phase," Ubisoft explains. "The change aims to bring more impact during the Preparation Phase by allowing Attackers to use the intel gathered and adjust their strategy. In addition, the match header has been updated to help make informed decisions when changing their Operator or loadout. Attacker Repick is available for all game modes in the Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, and Pro League playlists."

A Rainbow Six Siege writer recently expressed their pride at the game's first transgender operator, who arrived with last year's Crystal Guard season update. Narrative writer, Simon Ducharme, said they are "incredibly proud" of developing the character and had "tears of joy" knowing they were "encouraged and supported" to write queer characters.

"The decision to create a transgender character was made early on, as part of our initiative to have an inclusive roster of Operators," Ducharme said at the time.

"The consultants, all of whom are trans people, wanted to make sure that Osa was presented as authentically and organically as possible. She was written by a queer person and she is voiced by a trans woman - and while her identity is certainly influenced by her gender, who she is in the Siege universe is centred on her talents, her influence on Nighthaven, and her close friendship to Kali."

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