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Here's The Witcher 3, but for PS1

Soak it up.

Indie developer Anders Lundbjörk has released the latest video in his "... but for PS1" series - and this time, it's for The Witcher 3.

Do you want to see more of Geralt soaking in the tub? Of course you do. Just don't get too excited - there really aren't enough pixels on show for that.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Witcher 3 but it's for PS1

Re-imagining video games as retro classics is the point of this series, which has so far also recreated (de-created?) scenes from Oblivion and Cyberpunk 2077 (no jokes about its console version looking the same, please).

Last month, Lundbjörk posted a video showing in detail how he animates these "PS1 versions" of famous games. Of course, there's no actual video game underneath, but with his skills as a developer using Unity on show, it makes for a fun watch on how the effect is put together.

Oh, and if you missed it at the time, here's Cyberpunk... but for PS1:

Cover image for YouTube videoCyberpunk 2077 but it's for PS1