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Here's the Geralt snowboarding demo CDPR jokingly made during Witcher 3 development

A secret SSX scene.

CD Projekt Red was apparently having so much fun with Geralt's skidding mechanic while making The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the team briefly turned him into a snowboarder, slapping a hat and a pair of goggles on him, a board under his feet and then shoving him down a snowy mountain.

You could say it was a... secret SSX scene.

Skip to around 16.50.Watch on YouTube

"There was one point when we were like let's implement this whole skidding thing that Geralt does when he's on the slope," CDPR environment artist Len de Gracia told Danny O'Dwyer in the latest Noclip episode. "And people had just too much fun [so] they decided to try this on this mountain and fix Geralt's texture so he looks like a snowboarder and they just let him go and made him skid [down]."

The skid animation lives on in the final Witcher 3 game where, as if by magic, it has separately inspired the inner-snowboarder in some players, who have dragged Geralt to the top of a snowy mountain and skidded down. It is, however, something of a niche pursuit.

Watch on YouTube

The recent Noclip episode also revealed a Witcher 3 bug whereby all undone (ctrl-z) content was being dumped at a secret 0.0 coordinate in the game, until one day the team stumbled upon their accidental creation and realised what they'd done.

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