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Here's how to glitch your way into Halo Infinite couch co-op

But don't, unless you're cool with having your save progress wiped.

Halo Infinite players have discovered a way to glitch into couch co-op.

While there's no officially sanctioned way to join a pal in Halo Infinite for its story campaign - right now, we have to wait to at least May 2022 before the functionality is rolled out - players have discovered a new exploit, albeit one with very limited features and the extraordinarily strong possibility you'll lose your progress to date.

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Naturally, we wouldn't recommend anyone do this given it's unstable and very unsupported, but providing you're cool with that and don't mind playing without a HUD, access to the UNSC Forward Operating Bases and weird lighting, Twitterer @nobleactual says the first thing you need to do is put the game into offline mode (thanks, Kotaku).

Once that's done, attach a second controller, assign a profile, and have the first player load up the game. Once Player One hits start they need to back out again, and have the second player hit start on their controller. From there, they should be able to add themselves to player one's fireteam and split-screen co-op will be available.

Or you can wait until May. Whatever's best for you, my friend.

343 has promised significant changes to the structure of time-limited events in time for the return of Fracture: Tenrai in January.

As Ishraq summarised earlier this week, Fracture: Tenrai was Halo Infinite's first time-limited event, and it received severe criticism from the community for numerous reasons, including 343 selling premium Samurai-themed cosmetics in the game's store.

Speaking at Halo's Holiday 2021 livestream earlier this week, 343's head of design Jeff Hook outlined the plans to change events for the future, including reducing the number of challenge swaps and XP boosts in the event pass. Second, cosmetic items previously available in the store and the event pass will now only be available within the Tenrai event itself.

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