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Here's Hollow Knight as a 3D game


Hollow Knight Mantis Lords fight in 2D
Image credit: Poly Knight

As Hollow Knight fans still (im)patiently wait for news on sequel Silksong, one talented community member has taken matters into their own hands.

On the game's subreddit, Poly Knight shared a video of the Mantis Lords boss fight recreated in full 3D (thanks TheGamer).

It's a faithful recreation that proves what the 2D Metroidvania might look like as a 3D adventure.

Hollow Knight: Silksong - Xbox Game Pass Reveal TrailerWatch on YouTube

As with the original fight, the player's Hollow Knight battles one of the Mantis Lords before the other two join the fray once enough damage has been dealt.

It's slightly slower-paced than the original and appears simplified, with the extra dimension providing more room to avoid attacks. At least, until the second phase with all three Mantis Lords where it gets more chaotic.

I remade Hollow Knight as a 3D Game!Watch on YouTube

As the work of a solo developer, this is impressive stuff and all made in Unreal Engine.

It turns out this is all part of a bigger project too. Poly Knight has also shared a YouTube video that not only includes the battle but an explanation of its creation: the character models, the animation, the environments, and more.

The theory is that by recreating and adapting the works of other game developers, Poly Knight will themselves become a better developer.

Previously they recreated the Undertale boss fight against Asgore in 3D, cleverly adapting the game's battle mechanics. I wonder what they'll do next?

As for Silksong, it was intended to release in the first half of 2023, but back in May it was once again delayed. Its launch date is unknown - the wait continues.

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