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Here's a glimpse at Battlefield 5 battle royale

Ring of fire.

DICE has offered a glimpse - and I mean a glimpse - at Battlefield 5's battle royale mode.

The sneak peek came at the end of a recently-released trailer for the WW2-themed shooter, and shows a ring of fire - Battlefield 5's version of Fortnite's Storm Eye or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' blue zone - closing in on a handful of players who are scrambling to survive.

Watch on YouTube

DICE has yet to reveal any information about Battlefield 5 battle royale, save it's called Royale. We don't know how many players it will feature or the mechanics at play. But the tease in the video above shows off a tank trampling all over a building, so it looks like tanks are in.

Battlefield 5 is due out on 11th October, and it's due to make an appearance at gamescom next week, so hopefully we'll hear more about its battle royale mode soon.