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Here's a big new Legendary card from Hearthstone's next expansion The Witchwood


Eurogamer can reveal a beastly new Legendary minion from Hearthstone's next expansion The Witchwood.

Emeriss is a huge, 10-mana cost Legendary Hunter dragon with eight attack and eight health. The real kicker, though, is her immensely strong Battlecry power.

When playing Emeriss, all minions in your hand will get their attack and health doubled. That's quite an effect.

Without further ado, here she is:

In World of Warcraft, Emeriss was a lieutenant of Ysera - who is, obviously, already a popular card in the game.

Lay down Emeriss in Hearthstone and you'll have an 8/24 Ysera - suddenly much harder to kill quickly.

Even more troubling for your opponent, you could use Emeriss to double up the stats of Charge minions like Leeroy Jenkins or King Krush so they become devastating attackers - capable of polishing off heroes in late game play, where Emeriss is clearly pitched.

It's easy to see how Emeriss could also be comboed with Rush, The Witchwood's new card mechanic, as well.

For more on Emeriss and other strategies to use her, Eurogamer's Hearthstone-dedicated sister site Metabomb has you covered.

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