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Heavy Rain will support PS Move

Does anyone know how to Madison?

Sony's revealed that Heavy Rain will work with PlayStation Move this autumn.

Confirmation came from the pages of Chief, a Belgian gaming magazine due in shops on Tuesday (translated and scooped by

The magazine didn't apparently go into any further detail, but did name a few other games that would work with PlayStation Move. They're not reprinted for our benefit.

Heavy Rain creator David Cage hinted a few weeks ago that PlayStation Move support was probable.

Gesture controls would fit neatly into Heavy Rain's existing template, which requires thumbsticks to be pushed in certain directions or patterns, and the pad shaken in various ways.

Perhaps this is the same naughty Sony spokesperson that appeared to confirm LittleBigPlanet 2 and Move support for the Media Molecule sequel. Sony later downplayed all that, of course.

We've asked Sony for comment.