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Having trouble joining PC Battlefield 4 beta servers?

You're not the only one.

There are problems with the Battlefield 4 beta on PC that are making it unplayable for some people.

They seem to boil down to incompatibility issues with AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers and cards, and manifest in crashes when players try to join game servers. Well known Battlefield 4 developer Johan Andersson attempted to solve these issues by tweeting links to drivers that do work. This worked for some people.

Others had success after downloading and installing some important Microsoft software.

But there are others who are still experiencing problems.

The current line from EA community manager "eabastian" in the thread is this: "We are currently looking into this issue. And yeah, I know it can be annoying, it is the beta craziness were we are testing the game client to its limits. I keep you guys updated as soon as I have some news."

The Battlefield 4 beta is also out today on Xbox 360 and PS3. We'll keep this story updated as appropriate.

Meanwhile, hardcore Russian PC gaming site GameGPU has been putting the BF4 beta through its paces and compiled a bewildering-looking report (via DigitalFoundry).