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Hardspace: Shipbreaker launches big story update

Cuts deep.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker just got a big story update.

Blackbird Interactive's first-person spaceship laser-cutting game launched the Salvage Your Future update after almost a year in early access.

This includes new ships, a new salvaging tool, a new game mode and other gubbins. It's the most substantial change to the campaign yet, the developer said, with a complete revamp of the story and progression.

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There's a whole new cast of characters you can meet and interact with. The tutorial and act one of the campaign have been rebuilt. These offer players a new way to learn the ropes before you climb through 30 certification ranks. Of note: story character voiceover is placeholder using internal developers, and will be replaced by professional voice actors in a future update.

Elsewhere, there's a redesigned HUD, new stickers to personalise your tools, and various quality-of-life improvements.

Edwin took a look at Hardspace: Shipbreaker in July, if you want to know more about what makes the game tick. Blackbird Interactive is also working on Homeworld 3, the next game in the much-loved strategy series.

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