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Halo Infinite Valor: Valor sources list and how to get Valor fast in Halo Infinite

Fall Out Banished.

Valor is an in-game currency that allows you to access a long list of unlocks in Halo Infinite while you're doing the main campaign.

As you fight against the Banished in the story missions, you'll be rewarded with Valor for your deeds, which can then be spent to unlock weapons, vehicles and more. It's vital to know the best way to obtain this as early as possible to get the most out of your expeditions.

This page explains all Valor sources list in Halo Infinite, as well as the complete Valor unlocks list so you can get your hands on the Wasp.

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Valor in Halo Infinite explained and Valor sources list

Valor isn't a rare currency in the purest sense of the word, but it doesn't grow on trees either. Knowing when and where you can expect to find it is key to save up time, especially if you're looking for an specific upgrade.

In order to unlock this feature, you need to play the campaign until you the end of the second mission. Once the third mission rolls in, you'll receive Valor for the first time, and the mechanic will automatically unlock.

The Valor sources in Halo Infinite are as follows:

  • Main story missions (~350 Valor)
  • Destroying Banished facilities (100 Valor)
  • Saving UNSC marine squads (30 Valor)
  • Destroying Banished Propaganda Towers (10 Valor)
  • Found in containers or chests in Zeta Halo

These are all the existing Valor sources to date - luckily there are plenty of them, which allows you to diversify and avoid having to grind a specific activity or objective to get them. But if you want to get the most amount as quickly as possible, jump into the next section.

How to get Valor fast in Halo Infinite

By far the best way to get Valor fast in Halo Infinite is to play the main story missions.

Completing the second mission of Halo Infinite, for example, granted us 350 Valor, which is a substantial amount. It's by far the most effective way, but of course, it's the most time demanding depending on the mission.

We recommend to destroy Banished facilities as you're traveling from point A to B in Zeta Halo. These are in second place in terms of profitability, and you'll likely to stumble upon them without deviating too much from the main course.

In addition, you can access Zeta Halo after finishing the campaign, so you'll be able to continue unlocking stuff in the FOB menu.

Speaking of which, let's see what's in store in terms of Valor unlocks.

Halo Infinite Valor unlocks list

Valor is used to unlock weapons, vehicles and fire support from Marines. These unlocks can be done via the FOB menu.

It's worth noting that you don't actually have to purchase each item individually - instead, once you meet the required amount, the item will unlock automatically. This means that if you unlock something that requires 1000 Valor, you will still have those 1000, so there's no loss.

You can find the full list of Valor unlocks in Halo Infinite below:

UnlockDescriptionValor required
MoongooseThe M290 Mongoose is a swift, highly mobile all-terrain transport vehicleN/A
MK50 SidekickSemi-automatic firearm effective at close to medium rangeN/A
MA40 ARReliable, fully automatic assault rifle effective at short to medium range400
AssaultOne Marine equipped with a MA40 Assault Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats450
RazorbackAn armored troop transport variant of the M12B Warthog, fit with lightweight composite plating for enhanced protection from enemy fire500
M9 Frag GrenadeFragmentation grenade that bounces off surfaces before detonating550
CQS48 BulldogA highly responsive and fast-firing tactical shotgun. Devastating at close range600
BreacherOne Marine equipped with a CQS48 Bulldog will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats650
WarthogThe M12B Warthog is an extremely capable combat vehicle, owing to its speed, maneuverability, and passenger capacity800
VK78 CommandoPrecision automatic rifle with heavy recoil. Effective at medium to long range900
ScoutOne Marine equipped with a VK78 Commando will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats1000
BR75Three-round burst rifle, best utilized in mid-range engagements1100
Heavy AssaultOne Marine equipped with a BR75 Battle Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats1200
GungooseThe M290-M Gungoose pairs high mobility and heavy firepower with the addition of two forward-mounted grenade launchers1400
S7 SniperThe S7 Sniper is a long-range precision rifle with two zoom distances. Headshot kill most targets instantly1500
SniperOne Marine equipped with a S7 Sniper Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats1600
M41 SPNKRBetter known as the SPNKr, the M41 SSR MAV/AW is a twin-tube launcher that fires explosive rockets1700
DemolitionOne Marine equipped with a M41 SPNKr will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats1800
ScorpionThe UNSC's main battle tank is equipped with a high velocity 90mm cannon for armored targets, and a medium machine gun for infantry2000
HydraA rapid-fire guided munitions launcher that fires gyroscopically-stabilized rockets, which home in on targets after lock-on2100
Striker SidekickPrecision Mk50 Sidekick modified for improved stopping power2200
MA40 LongshotPrecision MA40 Assault Rifle with improved long-range performance2300
Convergence BulldogCQS48 Bulldog with an increased ammo capacity and fit with a choke to tighten projectile spread and increase effective range2400
WaspThe AV-49 Wasp is a close air support VTOL craft, armed with heavy machine guns and twin rocket launchers2600
Impact CommandoA modified VK78 with a large-capacity magazine and high-powered ammunition that reduces accuracy but increases range2700
BR75 BreacherBR75 with improved stopping power tuned for close-range encounters2800
S7 Flexfire SniperAn experimental, high-capacity variant of the S7 Sniper, tuned for mid-range combat2900
Pursuit HydraHydra upgraded with faster target lock and improved rocket velocity, making it more effective at long ranges3000
Rocket HogFit with a M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), the M12R 'Rocket Hog' is best utilized in a fire support role3200

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How to get the Wasp in Halo Infinite

The Wasp is by far one of the best unlocks you can obtain with Valor - and yes, this is actually the only way to access the Wasp in Halo Infinite.

In order to obtain the Wasp in Halo Infinite, you need to obtain 2,600 Valor.

This process will take you a long time, so don't expect to have the Wasp right away. That being said, it's definitely worth the effort - the Wasp is one of the best ways to move around Zeta Halo, especially if you're on the hunt for Mjolnir Armor Lockers and Spartan Cores.

Elsewhere, Halo Infinite's campaign missions won't be replayable. Again, this is intended to change - and fingers crossed that feature and co-op will arrive at the same time, allowing you to replay the entire game with a friend, and pick up any missing skull locations while you're there.

Best of luck gathering Valor!

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