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Halo Infinite players are using the new repulsor tech for amazing trick shots

Return to sender.

Halo Infinite's latest technical preview (this one feels pretty much like a beta but with limited-time matchmaking) is in full swing - and players are coming up with some amazing trick shots.

I managed around four hours of play last night, and found myself on the receiving end of the new grappling hook more times than I would have liked. But it's the new repulsor equipment that I think may be one of the best additions across the entire game.

John Linneman, Rich Leadbetter and Alex Battaglia spend the best part of 40 minutes sharing their thoughts on the Halo Infinite technical preview.Watch on YouTube

Trigger the repulsor and your spartan holds out their arm for a brief moment to deflect oncoming grenades and rockets. The idea is you can bat enemy grenades back at their sender, hopefully for a kill.

The repulsor has the additional effect of pushing back an enemy spartan - if you're close enough - so some players are using it to knock people off ledges, or into grenades they've thrown elsewhere.

You need fast reflexes and good timing to make it work, of course. But, as you'd expect, there are many Halo Infinite players with both and then some, so we're getting fantastic trick shots that combine the various toys Halo Infinite has to offer.

Here are some of my favourite clips. In the first, the player's opponent tries to knock them off the map, but they use the grappling hook to pull themselves towards their enemy for a sniper rifle no scope. Dirty!

I Like This Game So Far from r/halo

In the clip below, redditor LambDawg displays some pretty amazing repulsor skill, bouncing a plasma grenade off a wall before sending it across the map to kill enemies.

My new favorite mechanic!! from r/halo

Redditor Blazetobe turned themselves into a suicide grunt by sticking themselves with a plasma grenade before using the grappling hook to speed towards a group of enemies for a double kill.

Call me Suicide Grunt. from r/halo

Here's a repulsor-powered plasma grenade kill from downtown, courtesy of redditor Ill-Acanthocephala64:

So I may have topped it from r/halo

Perhaps the repulsor turns Halo Infinite into Skyrim?

This repulsor is kinda neat. from r/halo

People have also worked out that the repulsor can be used to send them shooting into the air.

This Repulser Strat is so Much Fun, Nobody Expects it from r/halo

Here's a bonus trickshot clip: the grappling hook combined with the rocket launcher.

What if we gave Spiderman a Rocket Launcher? from r/halo

I've seen some debate among players that the repulsor may be a tad overpowered - or that it may be considered an essential pickup - alongside the grappling hook - for multiplayer. I suspect developer 343 will be keeping a close eye on how it's playing out over the course of this and next weekend to see if it needs some fine tuning.

Watch on YouTube

When Forge mode does finally come to Halo Infinite, I expect players will come up with some fantastic custom game modes involving plasma grenades and the repulsor. Tron, anyone?

I plan to play more Halo Infinite over the weekend and I'll write up my impressions next week. I have some concerns with some aspects of it, but I want more time before I flesh out how I feel. What I do know now is Halo Infinite has fantastic potential on the multiplayer side at least - and the new toys are really fun to mess about with.

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