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Guitar Hero 5 controller updated

Strum bar and slider changes detailed.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Neversoft has revealed how the regular guitar controller has evolved for the launch of Guitar Hero 5 this September.

The new guitar is the same shape and looks superficially similar, apart from a red and white colour scheme, but there are underlying changes to the slider bar's touch pad and the strum bar, according to the developer's Brian Bright.

The touch pad is now digital, Bright told IGN, "reducing the chance for error and latency", and also features "slight reliefs" so you can feel your finger positions better, and brighter colour-coding for visual confirmation. In-game, the "purple rope" between slider notes has also gone.

"For those who are musically inclined, GHStudio's all new expressive guitar controller capabilities is where the slider will really shine," Bright reckons.

Meanwhile, the strum bar is said to be more durable and responsive, despite appearing to be largely the same. A new surface texture means you're less likely to slip off it during a longer song, too.

Bright couldn't say whether the guitar will be sold separately or exclusively in bundles. What we do know is that Guitar Hero 5 is due out for PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 this September.

Check out our Guitar Hero 5 preview and this week's exclusive gameplay trailer to see what's changed.

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