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Guilty Gear Strive dev warns PC gamers not to play in 4K


Guilty Gear Strive PC gamers should not play in 4K, the developer has warned.

Arc System Works issued the warning in a post on Strive's Steam page just a few hours before the game went live on PC.

Cover image for YouTube videoGuilty Gear Strive - full online match
A full online match, including lobby, played on PS5.

The fighting game does support 4K resolutions, but is currently experiencing severe slowdowns during specific situations in battle, such as when counter-hitting, Arc System Works said.

This slowdown also occurs during specific scenes in story mode when played in 4K.

"At this time, we would like to urge users to refrain from using 4K resolutions for online gameplay, while we continue to fix the issue," Arc System Works said.

"However, setting graphics quality to the lowest does help alleviate the issue a little."

Guilty Gear Strive is a superb fighting game, one I am currently enjoying very much (for more, check out Eurogamer's Guilty Gear Strive review).