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Guilty Gear Strive delayed to early 2021

Due to coronavirus and beta test feedback.

Guilty Gear Strive is delayed to early 2021, its developer has announced.

Arc System Works' promising PlayStation 4 fighting game has faced development delays due to the coronavirus outbreak, and this, coupled with feedback gathered from the recent closed beta test, resulted in the pushed-back release window.

Cover image for YouTube videoGUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Frosty Faustings XII Trailer

While Guilty Gear Strive's cel-shaded visuals look stunning, aspects of the game were received less warmly by fans during the closed beta. Much of the criticism revolved around the online features, lobby system and netcode, but some of the series fans weren't thrilled by the seemingly simplified mechanics, either.

In a tweet, producer Takeshi Yamanaka apologised for the delay and vowed to use the extra time to create a game "that will satisfy all of our fans".