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Guild Wars 2's world/server transfer system explained

Both paid-for and free via a "guesting" system.

Guild Wars 2 let's you swap worlds/servers that you play on - once a week, if you wish, but for a fee.

All characters linked to your account will migrate to your new home, and all subsequently created characters will live there (unless you swap again) as well.

I'd pick Andy Roddick - he's a good server.

Thankfully, it sounds like Europeans can inhabit US servers and vice versa. Changing a region means being "logged out for a short period of time while your account is moved", developer ArenaNet explained.

The fee for swapping worlds/servers is 1800 gems - the micro-transaction currency.

Guild Wars 2 will also let you "guest" on other worlds/servers free of charge, although doing so has some restrictions. You can't take part in world versus world battles, for instance.

That's because world versus world battles pit entire worlds/servers against each other in huge, hundreds-strong battles. And you fight in world versus world battles for the prestige of your world/server - not some "guesting" holiday home.

World/server transfers are up and running for this weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta test. You're given 2000 gems free of charge - enough for one transfer should you need it. The world/server guesting feature, however, won't be available in this weekend's beta.

The meaty list of servers available during this weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta are below.

Eurogamer recently flew out to ArenaNet's home in Seattle, US, to find out more about the people making Guild Wars 2.

US Worlds

  • Anvil Rock
  • Borlis Pass
  • Yak's Bend
  • Henge of Denravi
  • Maguuma
  • Sorrow's Furnace
  • Kaineng
  • Jade Quarry
  • Fort Aspenwood
  • Ehmry Bay
  • Ferguson's Crossing
  • Darkhaven
  • Vasburg
  • Eredon Terrace
  • Crystal Desert
  • Tarnished Coast
  • Steamspur Mountains
  • Blazeridge Mountains
  • Isle of Janthir
  • Sea of Sorrows
  • Deldrimor
  • Scavenger's Causeway
  • Moladune
  • Eternal Grove

EU Worlds

  • Kodonur
  • Gandara
  • Kodash
  • Blacktide
  • Istan
  • Vabbi
  • Kourna
  • Fissure of Woe
  • Underworld
  • Ring of Fire
  • Far Shiverpeaks
  • Petrified Forest
  • Jade Sea
  • Desolation
  • Magus Falls
  • Whiteside Ridge
  • Fort Ranik
  • Ruins of Surmia
  • Sharp's Corner
  • Aurora Glade
  • Riverside
  • Elona Reach
  • Augury Rock
  • Abaddon's Mouth
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