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Guild Wars 2 unveils Engineer profession

"Masters of mechanical mayhem."

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The Engineer has become the penultimate profession revealed for Guild Wars 2.

The Engineer uses gadgets, explosives (bombs, mines, grenades), elixirs (alchemic weaponry) and deployable devices (turrets) to gain the upper hand.

The Engineer uses one weapon set at a time but compliments this with utility and healing kits.

Weapon kits (Flamethrower, Elixir) sprout a new weapon for the engineer when activated. The Flamethrower kit, for example, produces a flamethrower that toasts all nearby enemies as well as burns them over time. It can also produce an Air Blast to defend against incoming projectiles and a Backdraft to suck enemies closer.

Backpack kits (Grenade, Bomb, Tool, Mine, Med) offer a set of specialised skills when activated. Activate a bomb kit and your Engineer will be able to use smoke, concussion and fire bombs.

When Turrets (Rifle, Thumper, Net, Flame, Healing) are placed that skill slot grants an overcharged ability. Place a Thumper Turret to damage all enemies in an area; activate the overcharge ability to knock them over as well. Turrets can be moved around.

A Tool Belt offers an extra set of skills above the normal skill bar. There's the option to self destruct turrets or to detonate all mines. Combine with a Grenade kit to allow a "grenade barrage"; combine with a Med kit to add self-healing.

Engineers can use pistols, shields and rifles.

The Engineer joins the Thief, Guardian, Necromancer, Ranger, Warrior and Elementalist as the known playable professions in Guild Wars 2.

The Engineer.

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