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Guild Wars 2 expected in 2011

Might get into closed beta next year.

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NCsoft has indicated that it doesn't expect to release its MMO sequel Guild Wars 2 until 2011, although it might get as far as closed beta testing in 2010.

Jaeho Lee - the company's chief financial officer, as well as chief executive of its Western arm - told investors during a recent conference call that NCsoft didn't expect to make any major launches in 2010. Guild Wars 2 from ArenaNet, and Blade & Soul from the Lineage 2 team in Korea, would follow in 2011, he said.

"I believe there will be certain public events in the year 2010... at least a closed beta test for those titles. Commercialisation will be expected, at this point, probably some time in the year 2011," Lee said.

The comments were spotted by fan site Guild Wars 2 Slovenia (via VE3D). You can download and listen to the conference call at the NCsoft website.

The last word on Guild Wars 2's release was TBA 2010/2011. Since then, it's had its public unveiling in a trailer at gamescom in Cologne in the summer. Read more in our exclusive preview.

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