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GTA 5 speedrunner beats game without taking damage - and in only 9 hours


Time for a look at some truly impressive gaming skills, as a speedrunner has managed to beat the whole of GTA 5 without taking any damage: and he did it all in nine hours.

The feat was achieved by UnNameD, who uploaded a three-part video of the run to YouTube on Sunday. According to the description this was UnNameD's 48th attempt at completing the run, in which he had "1HP, no Trevor ability, no armours, 0 deaths". UnNameD used the One Hit KO mod to complete the run, which kills the player immediately if they take any form of damage. That includes rogue cars, stray bullets, or even falling a little too hard on the floor.

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As for the nine-hour time posted by UnNameD, it takes the average player about 31.5 hours to beat GTA 5's main story, while top-tier speedrunners can do it in about 3.3 hours with mission skips. They don't have to worry so much about taking damage, however.

Unfortunately there appears to be some beef between UnNameD and another speedrunner called DarkViperAU, who was also attempting the OHKO run and recently uploaded a video of his 27th attempt. DarkViperAU claimed in a now-deleted Reddit comment that other speedrunners were refusing to share their strategies for the run, while he had publicly disclosed his own (via PC Gamer). UnNameD countered this by saying he offered to share strategies, and claims he's since been banned from DarkViper's Discord following his successful run.

Cover image for YouTube videoGTA 5 OHKO 0 Deaths No Hit Run Part 1/3 (Prologue - By The Book)

Despite the slightly spiky atmosphere in the speedrunning community, the run is still an impressive achievement, and the videos are well worth a watch just to learn about some of the techniques used to avoid taking damage. Given it takes nine hours and dozens of attempts to get it right, I doubt we're going to see this particular speedrun appear at Summer Games Done Quick - but there's still going on in July's event if you fancy more speedrunning antics.