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Gravity Rush 2 is getting free Nier: Automata costume DLC

Now if only it let Kat dress to the 9S.

Gravity Rush 2 will soon let you dress up physics-manipulating heroine Kat as Nier: Automata star 2B.

Set to arrive on 5th May as a free update, Kat will soon dawn the gothic Lolita garb of Nier: Automata's killer android lead. As seen in the PlayStation tweet below, there are versions of the costume with and without the distinguishing blindfold, depending on whether you want to go flying blind on this one.

Normally I wouldn't care about one game having a costume from another, but Kat really wears 2B's garb well. Now that's what I call synergy! (Squeenergy, perhaps?)

As great as this is, it's still not Square Enix's most notable Nier-related DLC on the market next week, as Automata developer Platinum Games is adding a paid expansion that summons Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda, along with Platinum Games' president and CEO, Kenichi Sato, as bosses.

adding a paid expansion

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