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Nier: Automata DLC adds Square Enix and Platinum Games presidents as bosses

UPDATE: Release date set for next week.

UPDATE 25/04/2017 5.12pm: Nier: Automata's DLC first DLC add-on, 3C3C1D119440927, is set for release next Tuesday, 2nd May, on PS4 and Steam.

ORIGINAL STORY 17/04/2017 6.40pm: Nier: Automata is a strange game, so it should come as no surprise that its DLC is strange as well. The add on, entitled "3C3C1D119440927", will add new coliseum challenges with some new bosses, like Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games president and CEO Kenichi Sato.

These fourth wall-breaking bosses aren't entirely canon as the quest giver warns you "What you're about to see may end up destroying your sense of immersion. Are you okay with that?"

Your choices: "Immersion schmimmersion!" or "I most certainly am not." Select the former and this is what you'll see:

'They are CEOs... The strongest beings on the planet!'

As detailed on the US PlayStation Blog, there will be three coliseums spread throughout the map, each corresponding to one of those annoyingly locked doors guarded by apologetic, self-destructive robots. Finally, an explanation for why those doors were there!

Once accessed, accepting a coliseum challenge prevents players from using items in these combat arenas. "Can't have a bunch of weaklings trying to bulldoze their way through without any strategy, can we?" the coliseum receptionist explains in the following clip.

Complete the challenges to unlock new costumes. The ultimate unlocks include 2B's "Revealing Outfit' (i.e. Kaine's garb from the original Nier), 9S's "Young Man's Outfit" and A2's "Destroyer Outfit."

Beyond these, you'll get new gear like hair dye that lets you change the colour of your characters' 'do, masks with unique effects, additional records for the game's jukebox, and the ability to change the appearance of enemy bullets.

Amusingly, this isn't the first time Yosuke Matsuda has appeared as a boss in a game, as he recently presented a combat challenge on a Final Fantasy 15 promotional livestream.

The 3C3C1D119440927 add-on doesn't yet have a date, but Square Enix noted that it's "coming soon" to PS4 and Steam.

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