Gravity Rush 2

Sony's superhero series has lost none of its thrills - or its wayward nature - in the shift to PS4.

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Digital FoundryTech Analysis: Gravity Rush 2

Unique, imaginative - and powered by excellent technology.

We're just three weeks into 2017 and already we have a brand-new PS4 platform exclusive in the form of Gravity Rush 2 - Sony Japan's physics defying action game. With the original release created with PlayStation Vita in mind, we were excited to see what the development team could achieve on much more powerful hardware. The opportunity to push environment complexity and interactions through the roof offers a huge amount of potential, so we were eager to check that out - and to put the PS4 Pro features through their paces.

Gravity Rush 2 review

The storms take more than they give in Gravity Rush. Huge sky-filling sci-fi storms, fringed in purple light, descending to wrench away entire districts of the floating cities where this open-world series likes to play out. Occasionally, these storms deposit a few monsters to deal with, bulbous hot-glass beasts that skitter and flap and have glowing weak spots that crack beautifully under the impact of a flying kick. And now, in Gravity Rush 2 they sometimes drop off something else, too: a photograph. A photograph from another player.

Gravity Rush 2's embraced asynchronous multiplayer in some interesting ways. There's a suite of challenge missions in which you can compete against ghosts, and there are mining loot runs in which you face poor odds for rich rewards. But my favourite element - it's very nearly my favourite thing in the entire game - comes down to the photographs taken from other players and dropped off by the storm every now and then.

This is Treasure Hunt, and it's wonderfully simple stuff. Every once in a while you'll be notified that you have received a photograph from the storm, or maybe you'll see the ghost of another player on the streets around you and move in to investigate. The photograph will generally show a treasure chest located somewhere within the game's busy urban landscapes; if you accept the challenge you'll be deposited in the appropriate neighbourhood and tasked with tracking this treasure chest down. In a game that's heavily reliant on waypoint markers, you're suddenly without them, so you have to work the old-fashioned way, by comparing your surroundings to the surroundings in the photograph.

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Some cracking games came out in 2016 - this year we've spent hours screaming about onions in Overcooked, contesting the payload in Overwatch and, of course, going on overwatch in XCOM 2.

Sony has pushed back the release of Gravity Rush 2 from this December to early next year, with the game's director Keiichiro Toyama citing the landscape for new games at the tail end of this year for the delay.

Gravity Rush 2 gameplay revealed

Gravity Rush 2 gameplay revealed

Check out Kat's three new styles of gravity.

Gravity Rush 2, the PS4-exclusive sequel to the Vita-exclusive open-world platformer, has been detailed in some new footage demonstrated at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference.

This time around player character Kat can not only change the direction of gravity, but manipulate how it works as well by toggling between three different styles. Aside from regular gravity, there's Lunar style where Kat is lighter and quicker, and in Jupiter style Kat falls slower, but weighs more and does more damage.

Each gravity style includes its own combat combos and players will be able to switch between the different styles at will.

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Gravity Rush 2 announced exclusively for PS4

Gravity Rush 2 announced exclusively for PS4

Gravity Rush 1 coming to PS4 as well.

Sony has announced Gravity Rush 2 for PlayStation 4. The sequel was announced quietly a couple of years ago at the Tokyo Game Show but with no platform attached.

Gravity Rush 2 will arrive sometime next year and appears to have co-op, judging by a trailer shown at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show this morning. Otherwise the flying, third-person action mayhem of Gravity Rush is intact, and in impressive colour and style.

Sony also announced that Gravity Rush 1, a Vita game we loved, will come to PS4 courtesy of HD remaster supremo Bluepoint Games. All DLC released on Vita will be included in the game. Gravity Rush Remastered will be released in Europe 10th February 2016.

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