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Grand Theft Auto 5's playable Bigfoot Easter egg discovered

Finally, you can remake Harry and the Hendersons in Director Mode.

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter egg has been discovered that lets you play the game as Bigfoot.

Some astute Redditers noticed that a new Achievement/Trophy called Cryptozoologist was added to the game last week in its most recent update. The Achievement was for unlocking all animals for use in the game's movie editor mode. Yet the cryptic text for attaining the accolade read "You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode... or did you?" suggesting that there may be something else lurking out there. Indeed, the animal actors menu would still read 21/22 even upon attaining the Achievement.

This led to Redditer rkRusty datamining the game's PC version to figure out what this could possibly mean. They soon found the coordinates to every location with a peyote plant that lets you hallucinate that you're an animal, thus unlocking the creature for Director Mode. They also found clues in the script suggesting that weather and time of day could have an effect on where the peyote plants produce.

After a bit of trial and error, rkRusty discovered that if you play the game on a Tuesday from 5.30-8.30am while the weather is set to foggy on PC (or snow on PS4/Xbox One), you can find a special peyote plant at the following coordinate that will turn you into a Sasquatch: -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862.

Cover image for YouTube videoGTA V - Golden Peyote Location

There are some other conditions that need to be cleared for this to work. You'll have to complete the game first, find every other peyote location, and complete the mission The Last One without killing the Sasquatch.

As you can tell, this secret is very, very buried. It probably sounds like an urban legend, even. But that prompted YouTuber 2H2K to go online in search of the legendary beast using the instructions laid out before them and, sure enough, the YouTuber managed to turn into a Sasquatch. Better yet, A Sasquatch who can wield a shotgun and drive a car.

Now, can Rockstar please make a Star Wars game where you play as Chewbacca?