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Grand Theft Auto 5 takes aim at Call of Duty

See how "Righteous Slaughter 7" is advertised in-game.

Grand Theft Auto games are always full of satirical digs at staples of modern life, so why should our present obsession with online shooters be immune from parody?

Apparently that's Rockstar's view, anyway, judging by the prominence of adverts for "Righteous Slaughter 7: The Art of Contemporary Killing" in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Developed by "Misfire Games", Righteous Slaughter 7 is billed as "A first-person shooter like no other (except for the Righteous Slaughter 6 which was released 3 months ago)."

Check out the video below to see how it's presented on the in-game internet. The website even includes a video of gameplay footage from the fictional shooter.

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The copy on the site continues: "Insurgents are killing orphans. They have nerve toxin and a nuke. You're flashing back a lot telling a dramatic story cobbled together from assorted generic multiplayer levels so we could get the game made in time."

Apparently levels in the game include "Australia Attack", where "a great 70s soundtrack plays as you kill the grenade-laden wallabies", and "Hippie Holocaust": "Liberals are protesting the slaughterhouse that makes all those tasty hamburgers you love. Let's show them the meaning of slaughterhouse."

Other features of the game include online play ("so you know what real war will be like when the foreigners turn up on our door step") and there's even the promise of downloadable content. "Level up even faster!" it says. "Purchase upgrades so that you can destroy those with more skill and less money than you - just like in real life."

There's a lot of this sort of thing in Grand Theft Auto 5, as you might imagine. Check out our Grand Theft Auto 5 review and spoiler-free video tours of Los Santos to get a taste of it.

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