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Gran Turismo Sport is looking much, much better

Spoiler alert.

Gran Turismo Sport's unveiling, it's fair to say, left much to be desired. Polyphony's long-awaited PlayStation 4 debut was accompanied by an underwhelming build of this stripped-back racer, and it looked far from the delights we've seen in the likes of fellow PS4 exclusive DriveClub.

A new look at Gran Turismo Sport shows a much-improved game, though, with direct capture recently offered by Polyphony displaying what now looks like a marked improvement not only over Gran Turismo 6 but also over what was shown mere weeks ago.

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Gran Turismo Sport, which is out this November, sees a new multiplayer, eSports focus for the series, with races recognised by the FIA and the ability to acquire your own real-life racing licence. It's quite bonkers, but it's pleasing to see there's now more to the game than Polyphony's trademark eccentricity.

Now, if only they could work on those engine sounds a little...

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