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Grab a discounted Nintendo Switch Pro controller to enhance your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom gaming experience

Anyone can grab this controller for Nintendo Switch for under £50.

It's been an exciting Prime Day 2023 so far, with lots of deals on PC and gaming tech, but there's been surprisingly few deals on Nintendo consoles and accessories.

One Nintendo accessory that is on sale is the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which has dropped to under £50 on Amazon UK, and it isn't even a Prime exclusive deal.

Nintendo Switch - Pro Controller- £49 at Amazon UK (was £70)

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The Switch Pro controller is still the best option for those looking for a traditional-shape wireless controller for playing Nintendo Switch games, as it still contains many of the features found in the Joy-Con controllers like motion controls, HD rumble and built-in amiibo functionality.

The traditional design of the switch-pro controller will be a massive benefit when you're playing games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Metroid Prime Remastered for long hours at a time, making combat easier and giving you more precision when crafting or completing puzzles.

The Switch Pro controller can also be used on PC or with a Steam Deck thanks to the USB-C connection that syncs the controller, which can be useful thanks to it being comfortable in the hand, responsive and having good levels of precision in the joysticks. It's nice to have that extra versatility but it's not one of the best PC controllers around at the moment and much better for the Switch console itself.

It's good to see this first-party Nintendo controller getting under £50, and even though it's not a Prime Day exclusive deal it's still one of the best controller deals on Amazon at the moment!

If you want to see more deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, games and accessories, have a look at our Prime Day Nintendo switch guide to see what deals are available until midnight tonight.

We've also been posting the best deals in the Prime Day sale on the Jelly Deals Twitter, so drop us a follow there to see what other deals pop up today and for more great deals going forward.

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