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GoldenEye returns as a cool mod on Valve's Source engine

What will Nintendo think?

GoldenEye 007 superfans have released the latest version of an impressive recreation of Rare's seminal shooter.

GoldenEye: Source is a free PC multiplayer arena first-person shooter designed to recreate the classic N64 game. You can grab it now from

The total conversion modification on Valve's Source engine has refined gameplay, high definition graphics and plenty of face slapping. There's no single-player here, just old-school multiplayer shooting.

It includes 25 maps (yes, the Dam's in there), 10 game modes and all 28 weapons from the 1997 original. Check out the launch video below. It looks cool!

Watch on YouTube

Now, seeing how faithful this GoldenEye game is, you have to wonder whether Nintendo will move to have it scrubbed from the internet, as it has recently done with the cool Metroid 2 fan remake.

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