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Ghost Of Tsushima Hot Spring locations and rewards explained

Where to find every relaxing soak.

Ghost of Tsushima Hot Springs are one of many optional activities to find across the world.

Composing Haikus, chasing foxes, Bamboo Strikes, and occasionally saving Tsushima from invasion can be exhausting work.

Luckily, the island is scattered with bubbling, idyllic Hot Springs, perfect for a reinvigorating soak.

This page explains where to find all Hot Spring locations, and the final reward for completing the set:

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Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - PS5 Upgrades Tested - The DF Tech Review

If you're looking for assistance with the main story, our Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough can help.

Hot Springs and rewards in Ghost of Tsushima explained

Each Hot Spring you find will give Jin the option to reflect on his experiences so far, revealing some of his inner thoughts, and also grant a small increase to his maximum health.

They're fairly minor bonuses on their own, but they stack up quickly, giving you much more room to experiment in combat.

Not only that, but there's a special bonus if you complete them all - which, for spoiler reasons, we'll explain at the end of this page. You can jump to it by using the table of contents above.

There are 18 Hot Spring locations in total, and are dotted throughout the game's three main regions.

It's worth keeping in mind that if you're unsure of the specific location, keep your eye out for yellow birds, who'll lead you to secrets such as these listed.

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Here are all the Hot Spring locations, region-by-region...

Ghost of Tsushima Izuhara Hot Spring locations

Rising Trees Hot Spring

To the north of the Azamo Province, just southwest of Kii's pond.

Follow the path west until you spot a rocky overcrop behind a patch of white flowers. The Hot Spring is on top of the outcrop.

Seaside Hot Spring

This ones right at the southernmost point of Tsutsu province.

It's around the back of the large home west of the River Child's Wetlands.

Quiet Basin Hot Spring

In The Tsutsu province, just west of the river that separates Tsutsu from Azamo.

It's south of the Azure Pond, or straight east from the Straw Hat encampment.

Carved Mountain Hot Spring

In Komatsu province. Find the River Falls Bridge in that separates Tsutsu from Komatsu, follow it north into Komatsu, and take the first left up the hill.

Go right through the first wooden gate, follow the path through and out the camp, and carry on until you reach a cliff to your left. Climb it to find the Hot Spring.

Mountain View Hot Spring

In the south of Ariake province. Looking at the World Map, start at the path that goes north from the 'R' of The Winding Trail.

Follow it north, and you'll spot the Hot Spring on your left a short ways up.

Golden Leaf Hot Spring

In the north of Ariake province, east of the Golden Temple. Leave Golden Temple by the eastern gate and continue east. Climb the cliff to reach the Hot Spring.

Firefly Hill Hot Spring

Northeast of Komoda Province, just by the river that separates Komoda from Hiyoshi.

There aren't too many other landmarks nearby, but you can ride due east from where the 'Komoda' text is on the world map, and it's on this side of the river.

Hiyoshi Inn Hot Spring

You'll find this one early on in the story, in the area named after it. Soak it up. Mmmmm.

Castle Lookout Hot Spring

A bit north east of the centre of Hiyoshi province, east of Fort Nakayama. Follow the road east from Sensei Ishakawa's Dojo until you reach the crossroads, then go left.

Keep following the road north until you spot a cliff and a watchtower to your left. Climb, climb a bit more, then feel those bubbling waters on your tired feet as Tsushima burns all around you.

Ghost of Tsushima Toyotama Hot Spring locations

Marsh Tide Hot Spring

On the eastern edge of Akashima province, directly east from Akashima Village. Start from the main road running north to south through the Hakutaku Forest text on the World Map.

Go south, then left at the crossroads, and follow the road east. The Hot Spring is just on your left. There are also some angry pigs nearby, so watch yourself.

Morning Glory Hot Spring

On the eastern edge of the map, between the Yarikawa and Kushi provinces. Climb the steps to the stronghold overlooking Yarikawa village, then climb down the cliffs to the northeast. Glorious.

Mossy Rest Hot Spring

Right at the bottom of Umugi province, southeast of Umugi cove. The easiest way to get here is from the eastern entrance to Umugi Cove.

Use the houses to climb up to the bridge, then cross it and climb the cliffs to the east. The Hot Spring is a little ways southeast down the hill.

Yoshinaka Hot Spring

To the south of Otsuna province. Start from the southwestern road out of Mumushi Farmstead - you'll notice it due to the lovely ambience emanating from all the burnt bodies on spikes.

Take the first right, then the second left down the small path, then left up the hill. The Hot Spring is behind the mossy shack.

Bamboo Forest Hot Spring

In the south of Kushi province, directly north from Kushi Temple. You'll find it a little ways south of the Old Toyotama Hills text on the world map, at the end of a side road through the bamboo thicket.

Maple Shade Hot Spring

In the north of Kushi province, Follow the western path exiting Fort Koyasan, then take the first left. Go right at the crossroads, then follow the path right to the Hot Spring.

Jito's Foothills Hot Spring

This Hot Spring is to the northwest of Kubara Province. You'll find just below the 's' in 'Jito's Foothills'.

Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Hot Spring locations

There are only two Hot Spring locations in Kamiagata:

White Mist Hot Spring

At the southern edge of Kin province, along the southeast edge of the map. Exit Castle Shimura over the northern gate, then follow the road.

Go right at the crossroads, then right again down the small path, until you hit the Hot Spring.

Morimae Hot Spring

In the north of Kin province, along the eastern edge of the map. Take the southern road up from Izumi village, then hard left at the crossroads.

Follow the road until it curves right, and keep on going down the cliffs until you reach the water. Keep on south east along the cliffs until you reach the Hot Spring.

Looking for more help? Our Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough provides an overview of the critical path, including how to complete missions The Broken Blacksmith and Shadow of the Samurai. For those who've yet to begin, our Ghost Of Tsushima length page lets you know how much time you need to dedicating to finishing the game. For those looking for completing side-quests, we have lists of Ghost Of Tsushima Hot Spring, Ghost Of Tsushima Bamboo Strike and Ghost Of Tsushima Mythic Tales locations.

Ghost of Tsushima's final Hot Springs reward explained

Once you have found every Hot Spring location listed above, you'll get one final award on top of the health increments you've gathered along the way.

Relax in all 18 Hot Springs, and you'll be be rewarded with this tasteful Fundoshi:

As well as being stylish, it's also extremely useful - allowing Jin to run and sprint silently.

If you're looking for assistance with the main story from here, our Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough can help.

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