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Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough - acts, mission list and story rewards for Sucker Punch's samurai adventure

A summary walkthrough for Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch's open world action flick that completes the studio's console generation bookend, might not be the most complex of stories, but there might still be a few moments where you're unsure of which way to turn.

With that in mind, we've put together this Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough that lists all missions and acts, so you know how far through it's pretty lengthy main story you are, with some specific guide pages to the places where you're more likely to get a little stuck.

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Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough and mission list

Here's our walkthrough and list of individual missions in the game - again, remember that some of these will become available at the same time, but this is generally the order at which we completed them ourselves as we went.

Generally however, Ghost of Tsushima's main missions, dubbed Jin's Journey, follow on one from the next. You can almost always go and do other activities in between, like any usual open world - whenever there's an extra long one you'll get a handy warning first, too. And nothing in our experience is missable either, so don't worry too much!

Act 1: Rescue Lord Shimura walkthrough and mission list

  • The Warrior's Code
    • Infiltrate a prison camp to help Yuna find her brother, Taka
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase, Assassination and Focused Hearing abilities
  • The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa (1 of 9)
    • Track down Ishikawa's renegade student, Tomoe
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase, Archery ability and Half Bow
  • The Tale of Lady Masako (1 of 9)
    • Help Lady Masako find those responsible for betraying clan Adachi
    • Rewards: Major Legend Increase, Samurai Clan Armour
  • Blood on the Grass
    • Find and convince your old friend-turned-ronin Ryzo to join the fight
    • Rewards: Major Legend Increase, Ronin Attire
  • The Broken Blacksmith
    • Sneak into Azamo Bay to rescue Taka
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Tale of Ryuzo
    • Steal a Mongol ship to help Ryzo feed his men
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • Hammer and Forge
    • Clear the Mongols out from Komatsu Forge and hold off their raids
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Iron Hook
    • Ryzo's men have been captured, use your new Grappling Hook toy to help save them
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase, Grapple Hook ability
  • Shadow of the Samurai
    • Break into Castle Kaneda and rescue Lord Shimura
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase

Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura walkthrough and mission list

  • A New Horizon
    • Ride north with Lord Shimura and clear out some Mongols
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • Ghosts from the Past
    • Return to the Sakai estate and reclaim your father's armour
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase, Sakai Clan Armour and Mask
  • The Walls of Yarikawa
    • Sneak into the under-siege Yarikawa Stronghold to recruit more allies
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • A Message in Fire
    • Team up with Lord Shimura to send word to the Shogun through the Mongol fleet
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Coward of Yarikawa
    • Earn the trust of clan Yarikawa by rescuing their missing archers
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Ghost of Yarikawa
    • Break the epic siege of Yarikawa by any means
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • A Reckoning in Blood
    • Deal with a traitor at Fort Koyasan
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Fate of Tsushima
    • Ride into battle at Castle Shimura
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • From the Darkness
    • Sneak into the castle and poison the Mongol's drinks
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase, Ghost Armour and Mask

Act 3: Kill the Khan walkthrough and mission list

  • Honour and Ash
    • Sneak through Kin sanctuary to meet up with Yuna
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • Wolves at the Gates
    • Attack fort Kaminodake to clear a path for your allies
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • A Gathering Storm
    • Scout the Khan's forces at Port Izumi
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • Heart of the Jito
    • Sneak back into castle Shimura and deliver a message
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • Eternal Blue Sky
    • Launch the make-or-break attack on Port Izumi
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase
  • The Tale of Lord Shimura
    • Meet by Omi Lake
    • Rewards: Major Legend increase

Ghost of Tsushima guide list - all our other guides for Sucker Punch's samurai adventure

This list is still in progress for now - as is our walkthrough above! - so expect plenty more pages to be appearing here soon. Keep checking back!

Ghost of Tsushima guide list

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