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Ghost of Tsushima - The Broken Blacksmith: how to sneak through Azamo Bay to find Taka

Details on The Broken Blacksmith mission and finding Taka in Ghost of Tsushima's Azamo Bay.

The Broken Blacksmith is probably the most involved stealth mission you've encountered in Ghost of Tsushima so far.

It's still relatively simple, but thanks to a good old instant-fail-on-detection mechanic we thought we'd put together a quick and easy guide to get you through it.

Below, then, you'll find a quick mission walkthrough for how to sneak through Azamo Bay to find Taka, noting anything else worth knowing along the way.

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How to sneak through Azamo Bay in Ghost of Tsushima's The Broken Blacksmith

The Broken Blacksmith is a stealth mission, meaning that once you reach Azamo Bay you'll fail and have to restart from a checkpoint if detected - although quickly killing an enemy who spots you before they've had a chance to alert anyone else is still okay.

First up, meet Yuna and her friend, the chirpy Sake dealer Kenji, at a safehouse. There they'll come up with the cunning plan: sneak into the occupied Azamo Bay where Taka's held captive by hiding in the back of Kenji's Sake cart.

When you arrive, after the cutscene, stay crouched and follow Yuna round to the left, then climb up onto the roof of the little structure after her and survey the Mongol leader.

Now you have to follow him - you'll get spotted if you go straight behind him through the middle of the town's main road, so quickly head to the far left side where there's lots of pampas grass to sneak through. Keep moving forward fairly quickly, as he's got a head start.

He'll stop for a brief scuffle with a peasant, so wait inside one of these left-side buildings until he gets moving again.

Inside that building to the left is a ladder - head up that, and there's a latch you can climb through with R2 to get up to the roof. From there, you can platform across the roofs to stay safely out of sight, which is much easier than staying on the ground. You'll need to get over to the rooftops on the right, ideally, but at this point if you're caught you'll spawn up there anyway.

Follow him across some more roofs on the right-hand side now, and he'll eventually stop to talk to a Japanese peasant, who snitches on Taka. Keep following him to the right until he reaches a bonfire in a more open area, which is where things are a tad trickier.

Jump down off the roof to the right, where three guards are waiting by the gate.

Wait for two of them to walk off, then assassinate the one on his own, leaning against the crates.

Wait for the next two up ahead to walk off, then go into the large building straight ahead where you can see another guard bullying a peasant, and assassinate him too.

Head outside that large building to the right, and assassinate the guard walking around it.

Then, head round to the end of that large building and the slaver boss will walk by, and you're almost there. Follow him up the slope and right through the building, to find him and Taka.

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How to escape with Taka at the end of The Broken Blacksmith

After the cutscene, it's time to escape with Yuna and Taka via the north gate. This one's dead easy though: just follow Yuna and she'll hop up and over some crates just next to the gate.

There's a final thing to watch out for though - on the other side, a couple of Mongol patrols will run past, so keep an eye out and dart into the pampas grass nearby to avoid being spotted. After that, head to the waypoint to meet Kenji and ride off into the distance. You're done!

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