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Ghost Of Tsushima Bamboo Strike locations and rewards explained

Where to find every combo mini-game.

Ghost of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes are one of many optional activities to find across the world.

This mini-game has you slice through bamboo through a button combo mini-game.

As with Hot Spring locations, each one completed gives you a permanent benefit - in this case, increasing Jin's resolve.

This page explains where to find all Bamboo Strike locations, and the final reward for completing the set:

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If you're looking for assistance with the main story, our Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough can help.

Bamboo Strikes in Ghost of Tsushima explained

Bamboo Strikes are activities you can find across the world, and each requires you to complete three button combos in a short window of time, each harder than the last, to slice through bamboo in a single strike.

Each one completed increases Jin's resolve, providing more healing and special combat abilities.

If you're having trouble with any combos, the game's accessibility features provide an option to remove the timer.

There is also a bonus rewards if you complete them all - which we mention at the very end of this page for spoiler reasons. (You can jump to it from the table of contents above, if you want to know ahead of time.)

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Here are all the Bamboo Strike locations, region-by-region...

Ghost of Tsushima Izuhara Bamboo Strike locations

Azamo Bamboo Strike location

This one is to the east of the Azamo bay camp, just by the big tree outside the easternmost building.

You'll probably want to have completed the quests related to Azamo bay before going for this one.

Tsutsu Bamboo Strike location

You'll find this one just on the riverbank, directly above the 'Rusting Bend' text on the world map, and just down the hill from nearby small encampment

Ariake Bamboo Strike location

North of Kii's Pond and south of Houren's Pasture, this one is just on the south bank of the horizontal river that separates Ariake from Azamo.

Kashine Bamboo Strike location

To the north of the Kashine region there's an area on the map called 'Wanderer's Pass'.

If you stand just on the first 'R' of this name, you'll see a cliff to your left with climbing stones.

Make your way up, follow the path up, and the Bamboo Strike is just on your right near the top, just before meeting the White Dye Merchant.

Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike location

South of the Hiyoshi region, just outside a house at the Hiyoshi Springs settlement, West of the Hidden Springs Forest.

Komatsu Bamboo Strike location

You'll find this one at the southwestern edge of the Komatsu Forge settlement, at the north of the Komatsu region.

It's surrounded by blue and yellow banners, in addition to the regular white banner

Komoda Bamboo Strike location

Go just south of the Komoda Town map icon, east of Wolf Cub Falls, for this Bamboo Strike location

Ghost of Tsushima Toyotama Bamboo Strike locations

Akashima Bamboo Strike location

Just on the Western outskirts of the Old Togo Rice Fields, on the path north from castle Kaneda. A little way down the hill from Fort Ito.

Umugi Bamboo Strike location

Right in the Southwest corner of the Umugi region, near Umugi Cove, and to the West of Lady Sanjo's Bridge.

Go west from the large central building until you hit the cliffs, follow them south until you find a ladder. Climb the ladder at the western edge of Umugi Cove, then make your way down to the water's edge.

Yarikawa Bamboo Strike location

This one is east of Yarikawa Stronghold. Take the eastern steps by the Gift Altar, and the Bamboo Strike is behind the right side of the building, right near the eastern edge of the map.

Kushi Bamboo Strike location

Find the bridge just north of the Benkei's Falls text on the map, cross it, and follow the road right until you reach a tall building.

The Bamboo strike is behind this building on the left side, overlooking the cliffs at the eastern edge of the map.

Kubara Bamboo Strike location

This Bamboo Strike is north of Lord Shimura's camp. Climb the northern gate to leave the camp then follow the path right, then right again. You'll spot a watchtower to your left, and the Bamboo Strike is right next to it.

Otsuna Bamboo Strike location

In the northern section of Omi village, to the West of Omi lake. You'll find the Bamboo Strike in the courtyard to the right of the biggest building in the village.

Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Bamboo Strike locations

Sago Bamboo Strike location

This one is southeast of Sago Mill, which itself is towards the northwestern corner of the map.

Follow the southern road out of Sago Mill, turning left at the crossroads.

Follow the path until you reach a turning at a rocky outcrop, turn left, then follow this path round and up. The Bamboo strike is right of the watchtower.

Kin Bamboo Strike location

This is just at the western edge of the small island overlooked by the burning tree, north of Kin sanctuary, which itself is just north of the 'Kin' province text on the world map.

Follow the road through the Kin sanctuary north to reach it, and cross the small wooden bridge.

Endless Forest Bamboo Strike location

This one is just outside the Kin Lighthouse, right by the eastern edge of the top portion of the map, overlooking the ocean.

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Ghost of Tsushima's final Bamboo Strikes reward explained

Once you have found every Bamboo Strike location listed above, you'll get one final award on top of the Resolve improvements you've gathered along the way.

Finish all 16 Bamboo Strikes, and you'll be rewarded with the Sacred Mountain Messenger mask:

It's purely cosmetic, but still looks incredible, don't you think?

If you're looking for assistance with the main story in particular, our Ghost of Tsushima walkthrough can help.