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Get the PC and PS5-compatible Western Digital 1TB SSD for just £100

Upgrade your storage with a heatsink-equipped 1TB SSD

Black Friday 2022 deals are still whizzing about in the internet stratosphere, and on day three of this deals bonanza, there's still plenty of offers to sift through and discover.

One such deal is the WD_Black SN850X 1TB NVMe SSD with heatsink available from Western Digital for just under £100, granting a £50 saving on its original price of £149.99.

As a heads up, the 1TB and 2TB options can be purchased with or without a heatsink, and the 4TB model is only available without a heatsink, but as Western Digital state, it's only the heatsink-equipped models that are compatible with the PS5 - so if you're buying for PS5, be sure to pick up the 1TB or 2TB models that come with a heatsink.



Storage is an important factor when building a PC, as is the processing speed of data and general tasks, and if you're looking for increased read and write speeds, SSDs are where you'll want to be looking.

The storage necessity isn't just limited to PCs though, so you'll be happy to know that should you be a console player - specifically PS5 - you'll be able to make use of this too.

Thanks to the PS5's expandable storage slot, you'll be able to easily open up and install this SSD in the designated slot, boosting your overall internal storage space, and being able to run and play native PS5 titles somewhere other than the core custom-built SSD that's house a little deeper within the console's chassis.

This will alleviate some of the issues you've likely faced if you've owned the PS5 for a good year or two, and will open up access to a larger catalogue of ready to play and installed games.

On the PC side, the same is true, expanding internal storage - keeping it all cool thanks to the equipped heatsink - and providing fast speeds to access data, load games and more. Speaking of, this card has read and write speeds of 7300MB/s and 6300MB/s respectively.

Overall, if you're on the lookout for expandable storage options, Western Digital's SN850X 1TB SSD is a great option well worth considering. If not, you've always got the Samsung 980 Pro which we highlighted yesterday.

If you're hunting for more deals as Black Friday 2022 comes to a close, be sure to keep your eyes locked on our Jelly Deals Twitter page. If it's further tech deals you're into - perhaps as you work your way towards building a gaming PC to call home - you'll want to have a gander over at Digital Foundry and Rock Paper Shotgun where they'll be posting deals as they spot them.

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