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Pick up this PC and PS5-compatible Samsung 1TB SSD with a heatsink for just £100 on Cyber Monday

Save £95 and double your PS5's base storage solution, keeping it cool in the process.

We’ve reaching the end of Cyber Monday 2022 but there’s still plenty of last minute deals to be had across a variety of retailers and product ranges.

This deal we’ve picked up on today is from Very, where they are offering a PC and PS5-compatible 1TB Samsung SSD with a heatsink for just £100, a massive £95 saving on its RRP.



It’s no secret that games and files in general are growing in size thanks to their ever-evolving quality-raising nature, but the downside to that is the necessity of a strong storage solution – that’s what this SSD will help fix thanks to its 1TB storage space.

It’s not just all about the core storage however, but also the specs of the hardware and its overall performance and speed too. This particular drive is a pretty powerful beast to say the least, hence its ability to compete on the level of the PS5’s custom-made internal drive. This is in large part thanks to its read speed of 7000 MB per second, making it an incredibly fast drive, one that’ll load files and games very quickly.

Even if you’re not on PS5 though, there’s a lot of worth this drive can be if you’re on PC, opening up options for a much larger storage capacity and upping the loading speeds across the board for all files and applications running off the drive itself.

Whichever platform you’re looking at picking this up for though, you’ll be happy to know it comes fully equipped with a heatsink, shelving any need to buy that separately – it’s all contained in one nice and compact design here.

The Samsung 980 Pro 1TB SSD without a heatsink.

If you’re not in need of the heatsink though, or would prefer to use your own compatible solution, Amazon has a 2TB heatsink-less version of this drive available, but none for 1TB plus they are a considerable ask price-wise right now, so the heatsink option is the way to go. Very however, does have a 1TB model, and both Best Buy and Amazon in the US have both the 1 and 2TB variants, each with decent savings overall.



Whether or not you choose to pick up this SSD whilst it’s on sale this Cyber Monday 2022, there’s plenty of other deals you’ll want to keep your eyes out for, and where better to keep up to date than our Jelly Deals Twitter page? Be sure to give us a follow there, but if it’s specifically tech deals you’re looking out for, head on over to our friends over at Digital Foundry and Rock Paper Shotgun who will be sure to offer you their own picks and recommendations.

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