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Gears 5's next Operation makes rewards easier to earn

Scratch one grub.

Operation 2: Free-For-All, the next update for Gears 5's multiplayer, will make rewards easier to earn when it launches next week.

It introduces a new Tour of Duty, the game's battle pass-style system which doles out rewards when you earn enough stars to level up a tier. Stars are earned by completing multiplayer challenges called medals, and Operation 2's Tour of Duty doubles the number of possible medals you can earn through Versus multiplayer to four categories of medals.

Operation 2 is slated to feature over 200 cosmetic items through its Tour of Duty, including weapon skins, expressions, executions, and character skins, including Collector's Winter Marcus and Onyx Guard.

Free-For-All mode debuts in Gears 5 with Operation 2. It will feature 14 players fighting to be the first to 30 kills, and start on the featured multiplayer playlist, before coming to Ranked playlists in January 2020.

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In the Arcade portion of Gears 5's multiplayer, four new characters are joining the fray. Lizzie Carmine and Damon Baird are playable on the Coalition side, while the Locust Drone and Locust sniper Jermad are playable for the villains.

Additionally, Lizzie and Baird are playable in Horde and Escape modes. Lizzie can summon a Silverback mech in both modes, while Baird can call in a DR-1 DeeBee robot to help out.

So no, despite fan requests, those OG Carmines are still not available.

Finally, the 2v2 Gnashers mode is back in Gears 5. The Gnasher shotguns are infamously brutal in Gears' PvP action, and will debut immediately in Ranked playlists.

Operation 2: Free-For-All launches in Gears 5 on 11th December.